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to president obama because health care is his signature issue. before the judge's ruling, two judges sided with the administration and one had ruled obamacare unconstitutional so it's two against two. thus as predicted the law will go to the supreme court. talking points is not surprised by the judge's decision. a year and a half ago i said this. >> government is saying that you have to buy health insurance? >> right. >> i say it's unconstitutional. the government doesn't have the power to force an american to buy that. >> the question is, if i knew that and many of you knew that why did the obama administration not know. the answer -- wishful thinking. from the beginning, the issue of force to purchase was paramont. this is not a public safety issue where laws are made to protect people. if you can't afford health insurance there are entitlements to help you out but some folks will not buy health insurance. if the feds can insure your healththey can extend the mandate and compel other purchases in pursuit of social justice. that is what this is all about. constitution limits the governmen
demonstration to date. here in washington, the obama administration is playing down concerns that if president mubarak is forced out, radical islamists could cease power. yet, there's a sense of frustration and uncertainty at the white house. the administration has made clear to president mubarak he needs an exit strategy but sees no evidence as yet he is ready for a true dialogue with his critics. as one official put it to me, "it is not clear he is listening, and he may try to overstay his already overstayed time." and we have more from cairo. >> reporter: hi, john. on that point you were just making there about the concern that exists that if the moib regime should fall there would be some islamic government that would take over, a lot of strong opinions on that front from the streets of cairo. people saying that, no, that is not the case because this is not an islamic revolt. this is a revolt of the people and what they do want is democracy. and anyone who comes into power should president mubarak should fall should be held as accountable as he is being held by the population right now. th
of them. >>> president obama meanwhile is meeting with his top national security advisers. we're going to have much more on what the white house is doing. what's been the white house role in all these dramatic developments in egypt? the obama administration putting pressure on the egyptian president to step down. stay with us for that. also, egypt's control of a vital oil shipping lane. if the crisis continues, we could all feel the impact. you know, when i grow up, i'm going to own my own restaurant. i want to be a volunteer firefighter. when i grow up, i want to write a novel. i want to go on a road trip. when i grow up, i'm going to go there. i'm going to work with kids. i want to fix up old houses. [ female announcer ] at aarp we believe you're never done growing. i want to fall in love again. [ female announcer ] together we can discover the best of what's next at >>> jack cafferty certainly following the break news, all the developments here in the united states as well as in egypt. jack is here with "the cafferty file." jack? >> some estimates put the estimates of egyp
finally tonight, earlier in the text survey, i asked should president obama withdraw u.s. support from the government? results are in. 76% said yes and 24% said no. this is the ed show. we will see you tomorrow night >> i do believe we will transition to mean change. >> peaceful transition to real democracy. >> the white house watches egypt, a new crisis breaks out at home. >> breaking news in the efforts to repeal president obama's health care law. >> a federal judge just declared a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> the judge cited and sued to overturn the law and cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> the up rising is just the latest test for the obama white house. >> some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> everyone's egypt talking points sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not who retains power, but how are we going to respond? >> politics can break out at any moment. >> the worst possible example is what happened to jimm
're looking live at the white house where in a few minutes, president obama is expected to make a statement about the situation in egypt. the streets of egypt is filled with a mixture of celebration and frustration at this hour this video is believed to be the first violence of the day in alexandria. you can see the protesters here throwing rocks and tanks moving about. after the announcement by president hosni mubarak that he will leave office, but not until later this year. trillion i did notrillion i >> i did not intend to run for a third term because i spent my life serving egypt, but now, i am completely keen on concluding my work for the nation in a fashion that guarantees passing responsibility and flag in safe egypt to preserve the constitution and legitimacy. >> glenn: the promise culminates a week of massive protest around the country. with ebegin our coverage with cargreg palkot live in the egyptian capital it's good morning there, greg. >> reporter: hey, bret. if mubarak was hoping for endorsement from the street, he didn't get it. watching the statement on a jumbo tv screen, th
american presidencies. from reagan to obama has endured and lived with and supported the tyranny of hosni mubarak >> sean: isn't it connected to the fact when you go back to camp david accords and sadat after his assassination the fact that egypt lived up to that accord in an environment surrounded by countries that even they were alienated for living up to that accord for the first 10 years? >> right. i believe he's a man of egypt. the peace was made not by hosni mubarak, it was made by sadat. mubarak kept the peace the peace was made in 1977 by a very brave man by the name of anwar sadat. >> sean: i read his autobiography. i think fundamentally what is the third option? if not the muslim brotherhood and elbaradei? if it is not going to be pew mu stays in place? is the third option, vice president's tomorrow will meet with opposition leaders and try and form some type of coalition? >> the third way would be genuine power sharing between the military and civilian administration. the military could be the political system would not go in the wrong hands. the civilian opposition, unity gove
and 24% said no. this is the ed show. we will see you tomorrow night >>> big test for obama, this is "hardball". >>> good evening i'm chris >>> good evening i'm chris matthews in washington. leading off tonight who is next. to appreciate what's happening in cairo and potential for spreading beyond egypt consider this. a reporter reports chinese authorities are censoring the word egypt from social networking sites. if the chinese government is worried imagine the frayed nerves in syria, saudi arabia, jordan and other countries in the middle east. for a seventh straight day crowds gathered in cairo today calling for an to end the three decade-long regime of hosni mubarak. he's promising not to fire on protesters but also refusing to step aside. mubarak sitting avenue cabinet has done nothing to blunt calls for his removal. we'll go to richard engel for the latest. there's something at stake for the united states which is careful not to choose sides publicly. egypt is a u.s. ally of course and has helped keep the peace with israel. it's a partner in the struggle against islamic
. and president obama quipped, "i am sure that him having worked so well with me will be a great asset in any republican primary." we are now a year away from the iowa caucuses. the traditional beginning of the presidential primary test. it's not too early for some perspective candidates to start laying the groundwork for iran. correspondent steve brown report that include old-fashioned name calling. >> not quite yet a presidential candidate, he sounded like one on cranking up the rhetoric on president obama. >> he's chick on the address the issue. >> he is a rarity in iowa. tim pawlenty one of the few candidates that hired iowanses to start preparing for 2012 first presidential contest. at this point before the 2008 g.o.p. nomination race, there were six declared candidates building iowa organizations. >> a different dynamic occurred with the candidates. they brought in the past. the name i.d. is high. >> others are well known giving them more time to hire political field hands here. >> in some respect the race is frozen until the well-known people like huckabee and palin and romney make cl
on the efforts to repeal. >> a key part of president obama's health care overhaul unconstitutional. >> this is widely anticipated ruling. >> the judge sided with 26 institutes arguing that the federal government cannot force people to buy health insurance. >> florida has become the second judge to declare that part of the law unconstitutional. >> the uprising in egypt is just the latest political test for the obama white house. >> there are some people who are looking at this through a political lens. >> meanwhile, everyone's egypt talking point, sound bipartisan. >> we have a responsibility to respond. >> it's not up to us to give the egyptians advice about this. >> it's not a question of who retains power. it's how are we going to respond? >> but politics could break out at any moment. >> big test for obama. >> and the worst possible example would be what happened to jimmy carter. the carter white house became trapped in the rose garden and failed to win reelection. >> the white house has been scrambling to respond. >> thus far pleased at the strength that it has taken place. >>
get replaced by a psycho and obama watched a golden moment for real change slip by. maybe if he did something about that uprising this one could be different, or at least better than the pro bowl. it sucked. and if you disagree with me, you are worse than hitler. >> i'm going to you first. you are rather calm today. it is about egypt, and it made me feel optimistic. at the beginning i just don't sense anything good coming from this. you said this resolution is good. mubarak has to go. he has had a good run. and the military, they don't like -- they are not going to let the muslim brotherhood get involved. you have a pretty optimistic take about what lies ahead. right? >> well, i'm allergic to the absolute hysteria which is what i have been hearing from the media. i don't think the muslim brotherhood are good guys. and if there are democratic elections, they are going to get some parliament seats, probably a chunk of them. in democracy, sometimes al franken wins. the bottom line on this is we can't change the momentum here. mubarak is toast. the military said, hey, we are not going t
and oppressed. they want fairness and they want change. so what should the change president barack obama be doing for the protesters in egypt? my commentary on that coming up. and oil money trumps national security. exhibit a? the coke brothers. the battle against energy independence courtesy of the corporateists. and the line that connects the hate speech of rush limbaugh to the racist threats made against a california state senator. now there are new threats. and finally, calls to do something about it. but first, let's get the latest on the uprising in egypt from the senior producer for democracy now joining us tonight via phone from cairo, egypt. shareef good to have you with us tonight. i think what americans really want to know, is there any way mubarak is going to be able to survive this? >> well, today tens of thousands of protesters gathered in tahrir square in the third day of defiance of a military curfew and are calling on the ouster of the mubarak regime. the demands have not changed since the uprising began one week ago on january 25th. they are calling for the removal of t
on which the drama, politics, and ethics of all of this tilt. when president obama spoke about the situation in egypt, he spoke in generally supportive terms of both the egyptian people and protesters demands. governments must derive their power from consent not coercion. if that is true, then you have to answer the question does the united states believe that mubarak holds power legitimately? is he the legitimate leader of egypt or is he illegitimate? the party is called the national democratic party. there were parliamentary elections in egypt this past november. 518 seats were at stake. when he got done counting what do you know? 500 of the 518 went for his own party. the election before that in 2007, a third of the upper house was at stake. 84 of the 88 went for mr. mubarak's party. of the remaining four, three of them went to other members of mr. mabarak's party. so they won 87 of the 88 seats in that election when he was down counting. not bad for a supposed democracy. the united states does not only support governments around the world that are legitimate in the eyes of
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>>> that's the show. "hardball" is next. >>> big test for obama, this is "hardball." >>> good evening. who's next to? to appreciate what's happening in cairo consider this -- an nbc producer in beijing reports that chinese authorities are censoring the word egypt from social networking sites. if the chinese government is worried, imagine the frayed nerves in syria, saudi arabia, jordan and other countries in the middle east. for a seventh straight day, crowds gathered in cairo today, calling for an end to the three decade long regime of hosni mubarak, who is promising not to fire on protestors, but is also refusing to step aside. mubarak's seating of a new cabinet has done nothing to blunt calls for his removal. there's also so much at stake for the united states here, which, of course, is being careful not tot choose sides publicly. egypt is a u.s. ally, of course. and it has helped keep the peace with israel, of course. it's a partner in the struggle against islamic fundamentalism. tonight, america's balancing act. robert gibbs said egypt must change, but the outsome is up t
the implications for the tourism industry in legitimate. the protest opposing a policy for president obama's administration both mr. obama and secretary of state hillary hillary have been criticized for being slow to grasp the upheavily in egypt and demands to oust president mubarak. the administration has now dispatched annen sroeu to cairo. with more from washington. >> for 30 years u.s. presidents have come and gone but it has always been the same egyptian president coming to visit. is president obama the last u.s. leader to host hosni mubarak? maybe that is what the white house thinks but it is not saying so yet. instead, it is talking about an orderly transition. >> the way egypt looks and operates must change. that is why away believe we should increase the amount of freedom that is had by the egyptian people but that is not for us to determine thele parameters and limits. >> the white house can point to past history. president obama called for orderly change when he visited egypt two years ago but now there is more at stake. egypt has huge strategic importance to the u.s. it control
for the program nationally and locally? those are espoused by ice and the obama administration and those that have been publicly stated by participating state and local levels of government. third, how is the -- how has the program implemented originally or sense the 2009 program revisions by the obama administration? how strong is program oversight and supervision? the u.s. and general government accountability office and dhs office of inspector general have been highly critical in recent reports and we want to see how this was working in practice in our 7-study sites. are the costs, benefits, and community benefits? these are difficult to quantify we do provide the qualitative evidence around these impacts as well as an affirmation more quantitated. finally, we make recommendations for improving the program. there are basically two major framing issues around our findings that i would like you to keep in mind during this presentation. the first of these is on the level of targeting. this has changed somewhat over the course of the program's history. ship date 287-g program focus on people that t
"washington journal" is next. . . host: we want to get your thoughts this morning on the obama administration's approach to egypt, what they have done and what they have said so far. the phone numbers are on the screen for you. we have a fourth line for egyptians living in the united states. before we get to your phone calls and hear more from the white house, jim michaels joined us on the phone. jim michaels, "usa today" military writer and he is in egypt. mr. michaels, can you set the scene for us? what is it like? guest: it is a massive protest. what has been remarkable over the past couple of days is just the fact that both sides, despite the tension and the numbers of people and all the risks, both the army and the people protesting have avoided, until now, any confrontation or violence. there are thousands of people pouring into tahrir square. the chanting is going on. it's almost like a festival atmosphere. some people have their faces painted with the egyptian national colors. people are bringing kids in some cases. there's a lot of chanting going on. there's a couple effigies of muba
, briefing president obama on the severity of this massive storm that's moving across the country. this thing could affect 100 million americans by the time it's through. we're expecting the fema administrator to join robert gibbs for today's white house briefing. you do not see that every day or every storm. mike emanuel is live at the white house. set the stage. what will be the fema's message today? >> the briefing that president obama had with the director of homeland security and fema administrator, mr. fugate, was to be prepared for every possibility, including power outages. mr. fugate will be here with robert gibbs and part of it is emphasizing the serious nature of the storm. we've seen terrible pictures from the midwest. we have blizzard warnings across the upper midwest, all the way down to arkansas. more than 30 states with some advisories and warnings. what the federal government is going to be saying at this briefing is, please pay attention to the warnings, be prepared, and listen to local authorities and local meteorologists for the latest on this severe storm. megyn? megyn: w
judicial activism. but the judge used obama's own words from his 2008 campaign when he supported health care reform without an individual mandate. here's the concern, he says. if you haven't made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate? i mean, if a mandate was the solution, we can try that to solve homelessness, by mandating everybody to buy a house. mitt romney knows that conundrum, being for something and against it. he's knocking the president's health care reform but defending his own in massachusetts which included an individual mandate. >> the states have rights that the federal gust doesn't have. under the tenth amendment of the constitution, the powers of the federal government are specifically limited. the states have the rights to, for instance, mandate kids going to school, mandate auto insurance. states have certain rights they can exercise and the right thing for the president to do now with these decisions saying his bill is unconstitutional, with the house taking action to repeal it, with the senate considering doing so, he should press the pause button and
of accountability by the obama administration for the agreements, situations like these will continue and will be made worse through the expansion of secure communities. i applaud the commendable efforts by local law-enforcement officials like nevada who are using this power judiciously and to take this approach in a very targeted manner. i also applaud their efforts for working with community members to ensure that the focus on the business of public safety and enhancing community policing efforts. however, in a highly-charged political environment like georgia where politics of the day supercede smart law- enforcement practices, then one has to question the delegation of such important federal power of immigration enforcement. when sheriff's with this power refuse to meet with community members to address a very serious concern about the impact of public safety, then one has to question the true priority the obama administration truly has for this program. unfortunately programs in georgia have been subjected to a high degree of politics of the day of law enforcement officials are a
in this transition of purpose but always a sense of community. two years ago, when president obama became president of the united states, he made his inaugural address and said, i want swift, bold action now. to address the needs of the american people. one week and one day after that speech, the house of representatives passed the recovery act. and then it became law in a matter of weeks after that. i tell you this because this was a bold, swift action that put resources out there to meet them at the natiothe imagination and, and san francisco has always been a leader in terms of posing a model that is worthy of national support. so because of his speech, our swift actions, but most of all, because of the sense of community that city officials in san francisco saw here, and because of the ongoing leadership of the tenderloin neighborhood development corp., people's lives will be changed. when you hear speeches and wonder what is that all about? president obama's speech is now being translated into a better life for many more people who live here or receive services here. the recovery act is very i
which president obama has tried to address the situation in egypt. he finds himself on the eve of what is expected to potentially be a million protesters flooding cairo's streets. what mr. obama can be and cannot do and what we think he might do, coming up. oceanographer: diving to 4,000 meters. - boy: go down! down. down. - boy #2: whoa. straight, go straight. no, to the right! kids: to the right! to the right! go to the right! boy: go to the right! - boy #1: whoa! - boy #2: whoa! boy #3: what is that? well, that's a... i don't know. whoa. can we call him blinky? - announcer: expert teaching. - kids: whoa! deeper learning. together, we are the human network. cisco. which beneful prepared meals. tonight? roasted chicken recipe? - savory rice and lamb stew. - [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. ♪ four decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock -- time for jell-o. four decadent flavors. 60 calories. usa prime credit. you have question?. ok...peggy. yes, i have 100,000 reward poin
and not mubarak. i want to show you a clip of the interview and talk to you. >> your message to president obama is what? >> my message to president obama is -- and i have lots of respect for him. i worked with him and i have a lot of admiration for him. i tell him, you need to review your policy. you need to let go of mubarak. you shouldn't be behind the curve. you need to start with confidence with the people and not with the people smothering the people. >> anderson, this persistent thing now that america has been on the wrong side of the fence, it's a difficult situation because america for 30 years has been a good ally for mubarak and he's done a good job for americans. is it fair to criticize president obama now for not going against him or do you understand the difficulties? >> reporter: when you hear protesters in the square concerned about whether or not it's fair from their vantage point the u.s. has been supporting a regime which has been corrupt, which has been arresting people, torturing people and which has been not meeting their needs for some 30 years, certainly over the last ten
and they are not happy with mubarak's half steps. shortly before mubarak spoke president obama effectively pulled american support. that message was conveyed by an old egypt hand frank wisner that told mubarak if he wants to stay in office he can't hold on until september. we got this story covered from all the bases in cairo, washington and here in new york. plus the charge of judicial activism, conservatives go hoarse be criticizing activist judges. they can't get enough of the ruling of the health care law. we'll dig into that hot story. we begin latest on the cry since egypt. nbc news correspondent, ron allen. i'm trying to figure this out. did we tell mubarak he has to leave now, next week, two months from now? what was our message through frank wisner, the old egyptian hand yesterday? >> reporter: it's unclear to me too, chris. i think the last message that was pretty firm that your time is up and we have to figure out how to end this. i can tell you that the message out on the streets is also a bit muddled. we just got back from liberation square where there's still perhaps tens of thousan
is fooling what's happening. there is no communication. personally for me i don't care for what barack obama is saying or doing because they have been supporting someone who is oppressing my people for 30 years. >> if the president of the united states were to encourage president mubarak to disappear and leave, would that put the united states back in a better position, from your perspective, in terms of -- >> no, no. for me, no. it's the same. >> who is the leader of the revolution? is there a leader? >> that's the point. there is no leader for the revolution. there is no political group leading the people. there is no one leading the people. people are going in a very organic way. there is no leader for the evolution. people are just doing it. >> thank you so much for joining us and sharing your photos and blog postings. we'll talk with you as events unfold. stay safe tomorrow. >> thank you for having me. >> when we come back, fareed zakaria will be here to answer the question, what should president obama do next? few people know more about it. you will want to hear what he has to say. as
. charlotte has to do with politics. president obama won that state narrowly in twit. 54 trs to 90%. democrats like what they are able to do in their 2008 convention in denver. use that as a tool to win the state of colorado, which they did in 2008. they'll try to end up having repeat that magic come 2012. of course, it won't be easy. north carolina is a state that usually votes republican. it voted democratic in 2008. certainly news that democrats are excited about. republicans will be holding their convention in tampa, florida. back to you, chris. >> thank you very much. republicans are cheering a judge's ruling that president obama's new health care law is unconstitutional. roger vincent decided congress, "overstepped by forcing all americans to buy health insurance." the white house calls the ruling judicial overreach and the justice department will appeal. what does that mean for you? richard lui is here with those details. >> at risk changes that are already in effect. if the law was halted nationally, you would not get a $250 drug cost rebate that is already in effect. expanded coverage
president bush. originally pro president obama. he says no, i think that's a good idea to talk but so far there's been no movement yet. >> so we will keep an eye on that particular square and when there is movement and if they do indeed start to march on the palace we'll keep you posted. yesterday in the 78 eight page opinion, a u.s. district judge of northern florida ruled that the president's health care initiative is unconstitutional. you know that part that is called the -- >> this is gigantic. >> that is unconstitutional. the government, he says, can't tell you, you got to go out and you got to buy insurance or get fined. that's against the law, says roger. >> actually, he ended up saying because of that, the whole thing is unconstitutional. basicly in his ruling, he said you can't just parse out this one segment. you have to then rule that the entire law is unconstitutional. so what happens now? we've had two courts that ruled in favor of the obama administration. one in western virginia and one in michigan. and then you had two courts who say it's unconstitutional. one in eastern v
to the ongoing demonstrations. president obama is also calling secretary of state hillary clinton and other top security advisers to the white house for a meeting on egypt this afternoon. today, large groups of protesters descended on central locations as part of the march of millions to demand the resignation of egyptian president, hosni mubarak. >>> and charlotte, north carolina, will host the 2012 democratic national convention. the city beat out cleveland, st. louis and minneapolis. it will be the first southern convention since 1988 in atlanta. 2008 was in denver. president obama carried north carolina in the 2008 election but by a slim margin. the 2012 republican convention will be in tampa, florida. >>> the white house is riding the fence on egypt but that hasn't stopped others in the democratic party from jumping into the fray with both feet. will they force president obama's hand? ed henry has the inside scoop coming up on the other side of the break. stay with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are... the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the w
people, but obama is really trying to do things, but every president from reagan on have run the deficit up so high that all of the things like we have like school in wateand water and railroads,e government itself has gotten so rd that a lot of republicans are intelligent and willing to work, but a lot of them are just completely negative. host: final thoughts from your guest. guest: i liked the fact that he pointed out this is a decade- long problem in the making. the problem is not new, and it is because we have not made the investmen host: heather boushey, thank you for joining us. >> there will be a debate live here on c-span this evening. it is at george washington university. we will have the debate live on c-span at 7:00 p.m. eastern. hosni mubarak has said he will not run for reelection. you can see his statement from today after our live coverage at george washington university at about 8:30 eastern. right now at, erartesy of the al jazede network. this is an event hosted by the american constitution society. this discussion of judicial nominees and the confirmation
's already under way. okay, martha. well, all of this only adds to as you know to the obama administration's high-wire. their very high diplomatic tightrope. how to stay close to an ally in a fragile part of the world and still embrace the egyptian people's call for democracy. jake tapper is at the white house tonight. what is the latest from there, jake? >> reporter: diane, the obama administration has dispatched a former ambassador, frank wisener, who was ambassador to egypt during the reagan and bush sr. years. he's on the ground there talking to egyptian officials about political reform. i asked is he there? is frank wisener there to gingerly show mubarak the door and the white house would not answer that question. >> but nonetheless have you detected a shift in tone? which direction? >> reporter: absolutely. it seems to be much more towards preparing for mubarak to leave. you hear president obama talk about an orderly transition. secretary of state clinton said the same thing on the sunday shows yesterday, an orderly transition. now, the administration says they're not talking about a
evacuate americans. in washington, the obama administration continues to call for a peaceful transition to democracy. we have extensive coverage tonight, including a team of correspondents in cairo. we begin with elizabeth palmer who has been covering the protests in the heart of cairo. elizabeth? >> reporter: good evening, harry. well, the protestors are still down in the square behind me, you may be able to hear them. several thousand of them. they've been chanting ever since quite a dramatic speech by egypt's vice president on television a couple of hours ago who offered talks with what he called "all political forces" on constitutional change. last week, the vice president's offer might have sounded like victory to the protestors. now, for this crowd, it's just not enough. "tell anyone who orders you to fire on us, no," the demonstrators chanted. "we are your people." people who have found a voice and a place to call their own. liberation square has become, as one demonstrator called it, the moral heart of egypt. >> we will be here until he gets out. >> reporter: the atmosphere is a
it will appeal the ruling of a federal judge in florida declaring the obama administration health care overhaul inconstitutional. yesterday judge vincent shot down the plan writing -- because the individual mandate is unconstitutional and not severable. the entire act must declared void. toward the end of his 78-page ruling the have idea the president's own promise from the 2008 campaign against him. then president obama supported a proposal which did not include a mandate. saying here's the concerns. if you haven't made it affordable, how are you going to enforce a mandate? if a mandate was a absolutely, we can try that, by mandating everybody to buy a house. in response to the ruling, which was a challenge by 26 of the 50 states in the union, the white house said this ruling is way out of the main stream of judicial opinion. we don't believe this kind of judicial activism will be upheld. we're it will be declared constitutional by the courts. >>> on capitol hill fell largely along party line. here's new york's democrat congressman anthony weiner. >> you can't be sure of anything on the law wi
messages they are relating to the egyptians and president mubarak. in public, the obama administration has been very careful not to be seen that it is dictating what a foreign leader needs to be doing. on the other hand, it also does want to make clear that it understands the grievances of the egyptian people, but it once the egyptian people to be able to choose to their next leader is -- it wants the egyptian people to be able to choose. there is a meeting between hillary clinton and the security council and others going on right now, and we will have to see if they come out with a statement later today. there is concern about the rising tension in the country. they do feel that the army is behaving very adequately. we have heard some kind of praise almost from admiral mike mullen, the chief of staff. he seems to think that the army was behaving very well because of its calls to protesters not to lose, because of its recognition of what it called the disagreement of protesters -- calls to protesters not to loot, but the more the protests continue, the more there is a fear of continued cha
it appears that president obama certainly had a hand in helping mubarak see the writing on the wall. today nbc confirmed that president obama sent a retired diplomat to carry a message to mubarak telling him not to run again. i wish he had gone further, but he has been inching close you are to nudging mubarak out. perhaps he remembered what this u.s. president said in cairo. >> i do have an unyielding belief that all people yearn for certain things -- the ability to speak your mind and have a say in how you are governed p confidence in the rule of law and the equal administration of justice. government that is transparent and doesn't steal from the people. the freedom to live as you choose. we will welcome all elected peaceful governments, provided they govern with respect for all their people. >> boy, am i with that guy. i wish he would get to that position a little quicker now that it really matters, but today was a good day as the position moved against a dictator we've been supporting for nearly 30 years. joining me is new york congressman gary acerman. he sits on the house foreign aff
speaker, please. >> i am in no rush to get yes' votes. knocking on doors, the obama campaign, i work from 5:00 a.m. east coast but, 12 to 15 hours per day for over eight months. i travelled to and from other offices vote to maintain my sanity, and those hours are not really included. before polls closed, they said i was one of the top 100 telephone bankers in the country. i believe i am number two. i was impressed with the tenacity, intellect of another person. i made the decision 1.5 months before the election to the phone bank, and to put out the same energy i did for the obama campaign. i never doubted she would win, and my phone baking numbers were phenomenal. this letter of victory as supervisor in district 10. i was nicknamed the secret weapon. thank you very much. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> thank you for your time. i had a show on kusf since 2001 and also a band. each city has a station on which they can express themselves, and for san francisco it do not have this, it is a travesty. why should southern california be allowed to buy this frequency when they have fou
here. ambassador huntsman does appear to potentially be viable as a candidate to run against obama in two years. >> you said you wished halpern were here. as -- as meachem can't -- >> no, halpern was knocking it down. >> i wish halpern was here. >> every time, that name comes up. >> he hisses and -- >> i know. like this. >> a little behind the scene. >> like we're so stupid. >> sitting next to me, halpern is going -- >> yeah. >> i'm sure it's -- it's unprofessional. i don't think journalists should do that. but i notice, though, he must have -- john meachem, going to you now, he must have known something was coming. because yesterday when huntsman's name came up, he backed off a little. this is a guy writing "game change ii." he's got a leak like a sieve or halpern doesn't make his million dollars. >> we'll talk about that as well. >>> and also the government says you all should eat less. we'll definitely talk about that. just eat less. that's all you need to do. yeah. well, unfortunately we need to hear that for some reason. >>> let's go to egypt. crowds are gathering in cairo rig
more flights are set for today. >> and president obama has sent a retireded senior diplomat to cairo to urge egyptians fishlgs to accept political and economic change. >>. >> we go tome pli schmidt in the capital with the details on this fast-moving story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. opposition groups in egypt really believe this could be their biggest day yet, fwleev if they can get an unprecedented number of protesters out on the street their calls for change will be too powerful for president mubarak to ignore. one week of protests behind them, one million egyptians are expected to march today. they'll go from liberation square to the presidential palace where president hosni mubarak lives and works with hopes that the ten-mile trip changes 30 years of the nation's history. >> whatever you do, you will be defeated, we never want you. >> reporter: even if president mubarak swore in a new cabinet yesterday and ordered his new vice president to talk with the opposition the crowds gathered against him and though the tanks lined up, the egyptian army vowed it will n
is a question for obama's administration, both there antonio and hillary clinton are being criticized for being slow to grasp the upheaval in egypt. muammar back has long been an ally. -- mubarak has long been an ally. andrew lot of has more. >> for 30 years the u.s. presidents have come and gone but it's always been the same egyptian president coming to visit. is barak obama the last u.s. leader to host hosni mubarak. maybe that's what the white house thinks but is not saying so yet, but instead is talking about an orderly transition. >> the way egypt looks and operates must change. that's why we believe we should increase the amount of freedom that is had by the egyptian people. but that's not for us to determine what the parameters and what the limits of those are. >> the white house can point to past history. president obama called for orderly change when he visited egypt two years ago. but now there's a lot more at stake. egypt has huge strategic importance to the u.s. it controls the suez canal, vital for u.s. navy ships heading to the persian gulf and for world trade. it's the largest ar
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